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The art and science of viticulture and winemaking has been in the Niagara Wine Trail USA area for many years, but it is considered a new and emerging region. From our ancestors who settled here and used Niagara County as a resting place to the people who pushed westward to explore this great country, Niagara County has always been a destination for people of all walks of life and cultures, for people of all ages and backgrounds, and for people with a passion for wine.

There's always something going on at ART247 Studios (Studios on Market St.) from show to show, and the likelihood of something special happening is always high. The group Creative Expression Music and Art is offered through a partnership with the Buffalo Vet Center for Veterans. Connect with veterans through art and share the experience that no previous musical or artistic experience is required. Veterans, spouses and caregivers are welcome to join a group following the participation in the gallery - through experiences with art making.

One Stop Center of WNY presents a veterans walking and running group, and after-school childcare is provided. The PTSD Support Group meets every Wednesday at 7: 30 p.m. at the Buffalo Vet Center for Veterans on Main Street in Lockport.

If you are a night owl, this ride - in has the best location in Lockport where you can watch a movie at night with a good view of the Niagara River. On Tuesdays, retro films are offered and the latest releases are shown on the 5 screens. Transit Drive opens every evening in summer and features a rear patio for relaxing and listening to live music.

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Veterans interested in the history of the United States Marine Corps can find more information on the pdcl.com website. Questions can be directed to erieha.org or to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at (716) 888-624-4357.

If you voted by mail in November, why not send a story about something that is happening near you, that people in your neighborhood need to know about today? Be there, write your story of a small school district election or share it on Facebook or Twitter.

The Wisconsin primary in April has already given a taste of what happens when the ballot goes to the polls like a pandemic. Because conspiracy theorists, including those in the Oval Office, call for fraud at every event President Trump lost in November, we cannot afford to make the unnecessary mistakes that plagued the 2016 presidential election and the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States.

The connection between voting and protest is becoming increasingly clear, and people are taking to the streets to cast their ballots in school district elections. New York is entering election season, with cameras and community advisers simmering, but people are voting.

In Lockport, two controversies have led to a surge in interest in the election, with a record 11 candidates vying for four seats. In Lockport, as elsewhere in the state, promised dates have come and gone, but ballots have arrived. The voting deadline, which Cuomo extended by a week to give voters the time they need to get their votes, has been hit by logistical delays. Breakdowns have left nearly 10,000 voters unable to legally apply for a ballot, according to the New York State Electoral Commission.

The investigation was referred to the New York Attorney General, and a year later the Hodge family is still waiting for a response. In Lockport, it is customary to remain friendly with the incumbents of the board, but the union has a history of protecting its interests in negotiations over its contracts.

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The historic Kenan Center campus is located in Niagara County in Lockport, New York, where the University of Buffalo is located. Located at the intersection of the Niagara River and Niagara Falls Parkway, just a few miles south of the Niagara University campus, it is the largest public university campus of its kind in the country.

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