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The Erie Canal has made its way through New York from the Hudson River to Lake Erie, and there are many fascinating places to visit along the canal, including the Erie Canal Museum in Syracuse. The Niagara Wine Trail USA is considered a new and emerging region, but the art and science of viticulture and winemaking has dominated the region itself for many years.

There you can explore the living history, visit the enchanted fortress and explore other scenic places that are worth exploring outside the city. There are many other places in Lockport New York to enjoy while you're there, such as the Niagara Falls Fall Festival, Rockland County Fair, or Lake Erie Festival in the fall. Also read about the Bridge Hike near Buffalo and take a detour to the Buffalo Niagara River Trail in Buffalo, NY and the Erie Canal Trail.

To learn more about the history and folklore surrounding Niagara Falls, visit the National Park Service website for information on the historical and cultural significance of the falls. We present the annual Niagara Fall Festival of the Lockport New York Historical Society and the Rockland County Fair in the fall.

For more information about where records are kept in Niagara County, please visit the Niagara County Courthouse website. Records are also available on the Lockport New York Historical Society website, and records are available on the Rockland County Clerk's Office website. Learn about the history of Niagara Falls and its history as a tourist destination.

This page describes all the towns and villages in Lockport New York, including the links to the smaller towns at the bottom of each page.

The Old Fulton, NY Post Cards contain all marriage bonds issued in New York State prior to 1784, as well as all marriage bond records for Lockport County. All probate books, including the original estates and wills of New Yorkers, are kept in the county clerk's office, beginning in 1787, when this county was founded. A complete list of all original bequests and wills from the city of Lockport is available online for free at FamilySearch.

The Old Fulton, NY Post Cards contain all marriage bonds issued in New York State prior to 1784, as well as all marriage bond records for Lockport County.

It is a complex of buildings that tells the story of Niagara County through its history. It has a brand identity inspired by New York's transportation system in a 17,500 square foot building.

If you're looking for some quirky souvenirs from Lockport Travel, this is essential. The small shop on the Erie Canal is full of traditional homewares, vintage clothing, jewelry and other items. As you leave Old Fort Niagara and walk down to the waterfront, you will find a few small shops and restaurants, but be sure to stop by the Old Niagara Hotel for a good meal and drink.

If it's dry or wet, try it at the Red Coach Inn when it's noon, or head north for the River Region for a few minutes. If you feel hot in Lockport, it is quite cool and a bit humid in the cave, but if you feel it, it is a good place to visit.

If you want to visit the Great Niagara region, I strongly recommend you take a drive from Lockport to experience some of the great boat tours. Of course, you should not drive to the lake, but return for a few minutes at the waterfalls to the waterfall region or even try your luck at the Seneca Niagara Casino and hotel.

The Lockport Erie Canal Museum is the only remaining lock on the Niagara Peninsula and houses the largest collection of canal artifacts in the entire state of New York. Spend an afternoon at the Medina Railroad Museum, which displays the original locks and bridges, as well as the first and second locks in Erie County. The Niagara Escarpments, which used to pass through lockports, are now used as cascades for excess water.

It's really fun to see the huge locks near the coast and to see the historic locks of Flight Five that helped the Erie Canal conquer New York State. If you want to experience a ride through a historic double lock, you can invite your family to Lockport locks and Erie Canal Cruises. It also gives you the opportunity to experience a unique view of the locks, which I find really clean. After learning a lot about the Niagara River and its role in the canal system, learn about the natural history of Lake Erie and the history of locks and bridges at the nearby Erie Canal Discovery Center. As you will learn a little about this, this part of the canal is blasted with solid rock to keep the water level up for the rest of your journey through Lake Erie.

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